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Magento PWA(Progressive Web Apps) Studio

Topic Description:

In this topic, we will study what is PWA and Magento tools to build PWA.

Magento PWA Studio:

As we know that Magento development is the global leader and a provider of cloud commerce innovations to the major brands across B2B and B2C industries. They have recently announced Magento Progressive Web Applications Studio, which is a suite of tools to develop online stores with mobile app-like user experience.

PWA Studio allows Magento Commerce solution partners and UX developers to provide simple and fast front-end experience on mobile device.

PWA (Progressive Web Applications)

PWA is basically a web application that can also work online and in the background. The heart of PWA is called “Service Workers”. Service Workers run and work in the background and are linked with pulling notifications, cache and store data.

PWA is a data-friendly and also works in network/wifi signal loss condition. We can say that PWA also works in an offline situation. PWA is universally available and can be downloaded anytime and anywhere.

Service Workers cache the new content and synchronize local changes with a local server. They will send push notifications once we accept terms and conditions.

Maintainance is very simple of PWA in compare to the other applications.

Features of a basic PWA Website
  1. Fast: Even on slow networks, PWA provides a responsive experience and loads the content faster.
  2. Secure: Uses HTTPS connections for enhaced security.
  3. Responsive: Provides consistent experience on desktop, mobiles, tablets.
  4. Offline Mode: Uses cache and shows cached content if the user is offline.
  5. Mobile Installation: PWA sites can be added on mobile home screens as a shortcut and users can receive Push notifications.
  6. Cross-browser compatible: Equally works on modern browsers.
  7. Sharable content: Each page has a unique url that can be shared across other apps or social media.
Working Of PWA

PWA has a middle layer called as “Service Worker” in-between website and internet. Service Worker routes browser requests and displays the results. There is no need to update content manually, as it updates content automatically and displays fresh results in the front-end. Service Worker uses App Shell* for quick and updated retrieval. Again fresh content is stored in the App Shell for further requests to respond rapidly to the user in front.

Hence, PWA has greater conversion rates, fresh and unique content and better performance.

*App Shell (Application shell) is minimal HTML, CSS and JS needed to render the UI of your website. It contains only UI elements without any dynamic data. It is stored as a cache on the first load, so every subsequent time the user opens the app or website, UI will be loaded immediately, so PWA needs to fetch dynamic data only.

Application Framework

The PWA is still hosted by Magento at the same origin, but it will only interact with Magento data via API calls. Magento PWA implementations will be mostly single-page Javascript applications, running on a new core javascript framework which implements the “unidirectional data flow” pattern, using pure components, render methods and virtual DOM reconciliation instead of dirty state checking, string templates, and two-way data-binding.

Relevance of PWA

Because of mobile-first approach, a mobile is a significant tool for the e-commerce clients and stores. But the fact is that the rate of cart abandonment is higher among the mobile users. Also, consumers only install and use mobile applications of their likely brand items.

Hence, PWAs are the perfect solutions to the retailers who do not have high budgets to force users to save their mobile websites.

When a user visits the PWA website, a browser will automatically recognize it to be a PWA website and prompts the user to add it to his home screen. It will be saved as the shortcut as an icon on his home screen without having to go to the app store and install it manually.

This will appear as a standalone application-like experience with push notifications for the latest updates or newly added products. It makes your website more interactive and engaging to the user.

PWAs also boost the SEO of your web store.

Role of PWA in Magento

Mobile Commerce is at its peak these days, but currently, merchants are struggling with the low conversion rates and complexity of building and managing multiple disconnected experiences on mobile devices.

It is expected that PWA in Magento will provide the developers and online traders with essential tools that can build apps such that deliver the convenience and utility of a mobile app combined with the searchability and buying experiences just like desktop experiences.

Magento PWA Studio Project Tools And Libraries


  • pwa-buildpack – Contains the main build and development tools for a Magento PWA.
  • peregrine – Contains a collection of UI components for a Magento PWA.
  • Venia theme – A proof of concept Magento 2 theme built using the PWA Studio tools.


  • Webpack – A configuration-driven asset bundler and optimizer for JavaScript applications.
  • React – A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Redux – A JavaScript library used for managing state in a web application.
  • GraphQL – A specification for a data query language on the client side and a service layer on the server side. It is often seen as an alternative to using REST endpoints.
Features of Magento PWA Studio
  1. Tools to personalize contents
  2. Add local preferences
  3. Developing and managing all channels via one code base, one development, and app
  4. Spontaneous User Experience with innovative commerce and CMS theming
  5. Modularized Component architecture to boost opportunities for extension resellers
  6. Developer tools built for a specific purpose for rapid prototyping, assist debugging

We, being amongst the leading development company offer the gamut of Magento Development Services. Our Magento developers have expertise in developing Magento applications for multiple purposes irrespective of any domains – PWA is one of them. PWA in Magento Commerce will provide customers with a rapid and smooth buying experience and will increase conversion rates in Mobile Commerce.

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